Email Marketing

Mass Email Service is the most affordable communication tool between you and your customers.Bulk email service help you make the most your online selling and communications strategy.

If you have a commercial enterprise and have been spoiled with the expense and inflexibility of direct mailers, your society will alter for the better once you apply a bulk electronic mail service.

Mass email services let you to create marketing materials that you can ship straight to your contacts.

Bicnet Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. helps you spread news about your company and bring in new customers in a very efficient and repeatable way. This server is separated logically and physically from our Premium Email servers, so that any blacklisting or gray listing that may result due to the nature of this service will not affect our Premium Email accounts that send individual, business, or low volume email.

Bulk Email Solution/ Features

This service is for sending outbound email via SMTP. You can use it for corporate email, sending newsletters, smart hosting, and legitimate bulk mailing. The price is determined only by how many recipients you need to send in each month.

  • No more daily sending limits - all sending limits are based on monthly usage.

  • Sending bandwidth no longer part of the price - Instead of imposing variable sending limits based on the sizes of the messages sent, we now limit all non-dedicated accounts to 100GB/month of outbound e-mail (the aggregate of the sizes of all messages broadcast to each recipient), this is way more than plenty for most purposes and is just there to stop abuse.

  • No per-user sending limits - By default, each user is not restrained in how many recipients can be shipped in each month.

  • Administrators can impose per-user sending limits - Account administrators of High Volume accounts can now optionally configure hard limits on the number of recipients/month each of their users can send to. This allows them to control how much of the accounts overall quota can be used by each user on the account.

  • Pay-as-you-go Plan - Instead of signing up for a monthly subscription (i.e. $10/month for 15,000 recipients/month, recurring), accounts can now pre-pay for blocks no. of recipients which can be applied as needed, over the course of a year.


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